Acoustic Guitar Magazine

I first discovered the possibility of having a mention in Acoustic Guitar Magazine while siding Imaginary Road Studios with Will Ackerman.

He was a bit late arriving on site one morning and apologized to the other carpenter and I, explaining that he had been in an interview with Acoustic Guitar Magazine. “No worries”, I said. “I mentioned you”, he replied, “but you never know what they’ll use.” “Thank you!” I said..”I’ve been intending to get them a copy of Journey Home.” “I already did that,” he informed me. “Thank you Will!”

Last week I picked up a copy of the November Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Much to my surprise, not only was my name included in the list of the next generation of acoustic guitarists who Will has produced, but Journey Home was also 1 of 5 album covers featured, along with a quote from Will about my music. I am humbled and truly grateful to have my music being shared and heard more widely!

Blessings to All!


p.s. Here’s a link to the entire article: