And so it begins to continue…

“When you’re juggling the balls of life, just remember: some of them will be curve balls!” – me, last week.


The website is updated, the press and reviews are posted and the promotions are underway. I have now sent out over 200 copies (many signed:) of Journey Home all around the world! To radio stations, hosts, producers, airline and spa music providers.., Sirius XM,.. submitted to Pandora, and a copy to Hearts of Space…!

I am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities that continue to present themselves and for all of the wonderful reviews that have been offered. In the end, my focus remains on the vision of having my music heard around the world. I follow this vision not for success, but for the knowing that each ear that Journey Home┬áreaches┬ámay benefit from it’s loving and healing qualities.

Blessings to All, in all that you do!