Journey Home #5 on ZMR Charts!

When I was 16 I had a vision of my music being on the radio. I remember thinking that I had it in me. I didn’t realize it then, but it was a calling; a knowing that my music would be heard around the world. Of course back then it seemed more like a dream than a vision to pursue. 25 years later, the dream was manifest as I recorded Journey Home under the graceful guidance of Will Ackerman. It was not until I was mailing my promotional packages to radio stations, broadcasters and reviewers around the world that it dawned on me: my vision was coming to fruition. My dream was becoming reality. This past week the Ambient/New Age February ZMR top 100 radio play chart came out, revealing that Journey Home had entered at #5! My intention and resolve remain true: I send my music to all listening ears to assist in the creation of beauty and well being. I am humbled and grateful beyond words to all who have received my music with open arms, ears and hearts. Many special thanks to all stations and hosts who have been spinning my tracks… you are the ones making it happen now!!

Blessings to All,