“Raphael Groten’s music is an exercise in grace and ease. He’s not out to impress you and he’s not in a hurry. His music beguiles. He creates spaces into which one falls fully and gratefully. Raphael paints pictures of peace and contemplation and creates musical worlds that one longs to visit.”

Will Ackerman, Windham County, VT

                             “Journey Home is one of the most serene acoustic guitar albums I’ve ever heard.”

Michael Diamond – Music and Media Focus

                                                              “Lucky are the guitars that receive this kind of close musical attention.”

Robert Resnik – Seven Days

“Raphael Groten takes the six string acoustic guitar and turns it into a magic wand on his recent release Journey Home… Groten has complete command of his instrument. As he becomes one with nature so he does with his guitar… if you like solo acoustic guitar music you will love this album!”

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews

“The fourteen tracks are spacious and heartfelt, soothing the mind and spirit with each stroke of the guitar strings. Groten’s debut is impressive and masterful with the elegance and simplicity of a musician who is at one with his music.”

Kathy Parsons –

“The opening tune, Sweetness dawdles on the mental palette like home made honey on the tongue. It is everything the soul enjoys from brown eyes to blue skies. It is the memories that linger on the edge of consciousness, that bear revisiting time and time again. What a wonderful mental picture Raphael paints with this tune.

RJ Lannan – Zone Music Reporter

“I found solace in this album and as the darkness of my day falls upon me I feel uplifted, I feel relaxed and calmed in the knowledge that I have just listened to one of the best guitar based albums that I have heard in long time. Raphael Groten is a guitarist of supreme quality and fans of this genre should snap it up as fast as they can…

Steve Sheppard – One World Music Radio

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