ZMR Awards and Spring’s muse

Spring has sprung directly into Summer on the mountain where I live. The trees have burst into a vibrant set of light greens which tell of their new life. As with each cycle, there are certain qualities imbued to Spring. I have certainly noticed in my own self the shift from inward being to outward work, from a lingering and content Winter hibernation to a curious and enthusiastic stretching of creativity and growth.

This surge of energy and inspiration was undoubtedly sparked by my trip to the ZMR Awards in New Orleans at the beginning of May. In New Orleans I met an incredible group of talented, dedicated, creative and kind individuals. From brief introductions to deeper conversations and even some jamming, each connection made was like a new bud sprouting  on the branches of a giant tree. I met musicians, producers, radio and internet broadcasters, the organizers of ZMR and in many cases, their partners. I was also grateful to meet Ed & Stacey Bonk of Lazz Promotions in person, without whom Journey Home would not have reached #5 on the ZMR charts this past February! Of course I also got to see Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton, producers, engineer, friends.

I left NOLA with an incredible sense of family and inspiration. The evening I arrived home I outlined my thoughts for the next album… stay tuned!! A few days later I received an email from Will asking for my carpentry assistance to reside Imaginary Roads Studio. What an honor and a pleasure!! Seeds planted for the next album and more…

Big Love,